Crown thinning & crown reduction

Tree pruning is an integral part of caring for your trees. Our local and recommended arborists can provide a complete range of tree pruning and tree care maintenance services. We have in-depth knowledge and experience in performing all tree pruning techniques, including crown thinning and crown reduction.

If your trees need to be cut back, crown thinning and crown reduction are two ways to ensure they look their best and stay healthy. Our time-served arborists can also carry out free surveys to check for Tree Preservations Orders (TPOs), where specific trees or woodlands are protected. Our tree surgeons will complete all work efficiently, safely, and to the highest standards.

All tree maintenance and pruning are assessed according to the species of the tree, its location, and its health, as well as customer requirements. We can give you a free quotation for crown thinning, crown reduction, or other tree pruning services at any time.

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What is crown thinning?

Crown thinning leaves the tree’s overall size as it stands but removes some of the smaller branches that comprise the tree’s crown. The branches that are removed are often dead or diseased or crossing another branch. We will never thin more than 30 per cent of the tree, so we always retain its structure.

Crown thinning can improve the overall look of your tree and will allow sunlight to reach the middle of the canopy, which will encourage the growth of new leaves and branches.

Other benefits include lowering the stress from wind and reducing the risk of danger from falling branches, especially if your tree overhangs a property, driveway, or pathway. Once the job is complete, we can remove all green waste.

What is crown reduction?

Crown reduction is often used when a tree is blocking sunlight or has become larger than originally intended. Sometimes trees can interfere with utility wires, other trees, or surrounding buildings. This technique reduces the tree’s height and spread, thereby reducing the effects of shading and mechanical stress.

Reducing trees can improve the aesthetic appeal of your tree, as well as improve safety. This specialist and delicate technique will always produce a balanced-looking crown. We will focus on the limbs in the uppermost portion of the tree canopy, cutting them shorter to decrease height and spread.

The importance of tree pruning

Regular tree maintenance is vital to ensure your trees look their best and are healthy. Without regular tree pruning, trees can become unbalanced and misshapen. This can affect the appearance of the tree and the surrounding landscape.

We complete all types of tree pruning, including crown lifting, crown reduction, crown thinning, and pollarding. In addition, we can remove dead or diseased parts of your tree to promote new growth. Whatever the reasons for tree maintenance and pruning, you should always engage the services of a professional tree surgeon, and Arbortek is here to help.

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