Professional tree stump grinding & removal

When a tree or large shrub is removed, a portion of the trunk or stem will remain in the ground and is referred to as the stump.

These can become an eyesore and can also attract fungus and spread decay.

Our professional tree surgeons can carry out tree stump removal work throughout the local areas of Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, West London, and Hertfordshire.

Clearing away tree stumps

Our arborists use the most up-to-date stump grinding machinery, so the stumps are ground into wood chips, well below the ground level. The area can then be used for re-planting, re-turfing, and other uses. We can grind tree stumps of all sizes and those in even the most inaccessible spaces.

As NPTC-qualified arborists, we are highly-experienced. We are happy to provide you with a competitive quote for stump grinding any size or number of tree stumps. We can also help with a range of other tree services and offer free advice. We work for private residential homeowners, landscapers, gardeners, estate managers, property developers, and others. We hold full Public Liability Insurance for your complete peace of mind.

If you would like to know more about tree stump grinding or request a quote to remove your stump, please call now on 01494 509 995.

The benefits of tree stump grinding

Do you want to get rid of old tree stumps? Here at Arbortek Tree Surgery Ltd., we offer comprehensive and competitively-priced tree stump removals. Our work is carried out by highly-trained professionals using the latest stump grinding equipment. No tree stump is too big or small for us to remove.

To prevent roots from causing damage

Roots can cause significant damage to concrete foundations. By removing the stump, this will stop any roots from causing damage in the future.


Our advanced machinery can grind down your tree stumps with speed and accuracy. We can also access small spaces that might be inaccessible.

Improve aesthetics

Tree stump removal and grinding will improve the look of your property, as well as help you gain space. Even if your garden or driveway is small, you can plant a new tree or create a new area to use.


Tree stump grinding is effective, and environmentally-friendly, and will not cause damage to surrounding plants, trees, or landscaping. It will also stop diseases from spreading to other plants and trees.


Our advanced machinery can grind down your tree stumps with speed and accuracy. We can also access small spaces that might be inaccessible.

Prevents new growth

Stumps that are left in place can start to sprout and regrow. By removing the stump, you can save money and time over time.

Request a free stump grinding quote now

We use advanced techniques to get rid of your tree stump.

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