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Do you need an experienced tree surgeon to dismantle and remove a tree safely? Do you need advice about how to care for your trees properly?

We provide residential and commercial clients with professional tree care and tree surgery solutions. As highly-skilled arborists with over 30 years’ experience, we can help you care for your trees and will always tailor our service to your requirements.

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Your trees play an important role in the overall beauty and character of your home. We believe that trees should always be retained and can give you clear advice and solutions to boost the health of your trees and prolong their lifespan. No job is too big or small for our team. All our arborists are fully trained and NPTC-certified and we hold full public liability insurance.

We can assist with:

We are based in the Chalfonts in Buckinghamshire, and we can complete tree surgery throughout High Wycombe, Gerrard’s Cross, Beaconsfield, Amersham, High Wycombe, Slough, Marlow, Maidenhead, Uxbridge, Ruislip, and Ealing. We come highly recommended and the vast majority of our business comes from repeat business or from recommendations to friends and family.

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Tree Felling

Sometimes trees will need to be removed because they have become unsafe. They may be dead or diseased or outgrown their location. We can remove trees either by straight felling or sectional felling. Where a straight fell is not possible due to space restrictions, we can dismantle your tree in sections, using careful rigging and rope lowering techniques.

Many trees are protected through Tree Preservation Orders and we can check these and advise you about the best solutions for your needs. We have all the latest equipment, protective gear, and knowledge of the very latest felling techniques.

Crown Lifting, Crown Thinning, and Crown Reduction

Crown lifting involves removing some of the lower branches beneath the tree’s crown. This can allow passers-by to move underneath more easily and allow traffic to pass by safely. It can also allow more light to pass through the tree, to open up  a more desirable view.

Crown lifting removes secondary branch growth and will reduce the thickness of the crown, without altering the overall size or shape of the tree. This allows more light to pass through and other trees and plants to flourish.

Crown reduction reduces the size of the canopy, whilst keeping the tree’s natural shape. This is often used when a tree is touching a building and is outgrowing its location. This form of tree pruning can improve the health of the tree.

Deadwood removal

We can remove all dead and diseased tree limbs to ensure that there is no risk of them falling into high-risk locations, such as roads, play areas, or footpaths.

This will make them secure and promote new growth.

All dead-wooding and pruning is carried out safely and under the safest conditions.


We provide professional pollarding services throughout the local areas. This is an age-old tree pruning system where the uppermost parts of the tree are removed. This will promote a dense head of branches and foliage, which is attractive and create less shade.

A pollarded tree has characteristic knobs at the end of the main branches. It can be common along roadsides where trees have outgrown a given area. It may also be necessary to change the shape of the tree because it is interfering with electricity or telephone lines, or streetlights. Often in domestic premises, trees can be pruned in another way or replanted.

Pollards will grow slowly with narrower growth rings during the years immediately after tree cutting. We have specialist knowledge of pollarding trees, including oaks, willows, conifers, cherry trees, pines, beeches, silver birches, ash trees and plum trees.

Typically pollarding is carried out during the winter or early spring when deciduous trees shed their leaves, and the tree’s structure is more noticeable. Once a tree has been pollarded, it will need to be re-pollarded every three to five years. Pollarding is said to increase the lifespan of trees because it keeps them in a young state.

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